6 signs a man only wants you for sex

Reading between the lines of body language is key. Here are six (6) signs to help you understand if a man only wants you for sex.

In today’s dating world, it’s difficult to find a sincere and respectful man, especially when you’re young. You may encounter many prospects who seem like the perfect match, but don’t be fooled. For many men, their ultimate goal might simply be to take things to the bedroom.


Here are six signs to help you understand if a man only wants you for sex.:

1. If he’s ogling your curves, not making eye contact

Who doesn’t love a bit of romance? Picture a dreamy date night where you’re enjoying drinks with your potential beau. But instead of locking eyes with you, he’s fixated on your cleavage. A glance is normal, but if his eyes stay glued there all night, it’s a clear sign of his intentions. If he’s adjusting his position to get a better view while you’re talking, it’s time to weigh your options.

2. If his gaze wanders to other women

It’s unrealistic to expect him to focus solely on you during a dinner date. But if he seems disinterested in your presence and is more interested in checking out other women, his intentions are crystal clear. If you’re seeking a genuine connection, it’s time to call for the bill.

3. If he’s making inappropriate advances

Imagine you’re at the movies, holding hands with a guy who’s been praising the director all night. Sounds lovely, right? But if his hand keeps wandering to inappropriate places, and he’s not making any moves for a kiss, his motives are pretty obvious. And for that first kiss, a French kiss speaks volumes.

4. If he’s invading your personal space

Is he getting a little too close for comfort while you’re dancing, paying no heed to the music’s rhythm? Or trying to squeeze you into half the seat on the couch? His intentions may be purely physical.

5. If he’s constantly trying to touch you

Isn’t it strange for someone to be overly touchy while waiting for a taxi? By observing his actions in different settings, you can anticipate his intentions well in advance.

6. If there’s a noticeable bulge in his pants

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. An occasional bulge is nothing to fret over, but if it’s a recurring sight, you can be sure of what he’s after.

This article was syndicated from Marie Claire Turkey
Translated and adapted by Praise Vandeh, Marie Claire Nigeria Content Writer


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