These are the 15 most modern and striking nail art designs that are sweeping in 2023

The French manicure has been with us for a long, long time. And there are several reasons; Its minimalist and versatile style makes it one of the most timeless and elegant nail art designs. However, now that a new season has arrived, it is the perfect time to renew this classic trend and add greater dynamism and fun to our hands.

From bright, bold neon hues to geometric designs, a new wave of colourful French tips is dominating salons right now. So we talked to experts in the sector to tell us which are the trending styles that are sweeping this season.

Most trending French manicure designs in 2023

French manicure with decoration

Nails are meant to be decorated, so if you are one of those who can’t resist a work of art, this manicure is for you. “This type of design is requested a lot during the fall because it gives life and colour to all mid-season looks without being too summery. Flowers are also worn in the colder months,” says Luisa López, manager of the Coqueta beauty salon. Nails.

French manicure with glitter  

Glitter and sequins have been one of the strongest trends this year. “It is more than proven that a glitter manicure does not necessarily have to be ultra-flashy. There are also options for the most minimalist and elegant ones,” says López.

Multicolour French manicure

“I think a coloured french is the perfect transition from summer to fall, as it is still a light and chic style, but adds a fun touch at the tip,” explains the nail artist.

French manicure with appliques

Halloween-inspired nail art is everywhere, but these shades will work long past October 31st. “Bright oranges give a fun twist to the classic French tip,” says manicurist Luisa López, adding, “If you add a metallic detail, it will be even more perfect for this time of year.”

Metallic French manicure


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Metallics tend to dominate the nail art scene each year as we approach the holiday season, but this fall silver in particular is proving to be the most popular when it comes to French manicures. “This tone is super versatile. We can combine it with any colour and add a lot of style to a manicure,” says the manicurist.

Other trendy designs this 2023 to inspire you


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