7 Feng Shui rules to into your home before the New Year!

As we approach the threshold of 2024, every woman, whether a homeowner or renter, can enhance the success of the coming year by incorporating some Feng Shui principles into her living space.

1. A well-stocked fridge

Make certain your refrigerator is filled with fresh vegetables, cooked meals, yogurt, milk, and cheese. A nourished fridge symbolises abundance and well-being in your home.

2. Citrus boost for prosperity

The vibrant golden hues of citrus fruits are not just visually appealing, but also signify prosperity. Keep oranges and lemons on your dining table to invite positive energy and financial well-being.

3. Embrace a new plant for a fresh start

Introduce a beautiful new plant in the east sector of your home, focusing on health and family relationships. This plant symbolises a fresh and healthy beginning for you and your loved ones. Additionally, consider placing a few vibrant flowers in this area to manifest good health throughout the upcoming year.

4. Ring in good news with a small bell

A small, audible bell, perhaps even adorning your Christmas tree, can act as a harbinger of good news in your home. Let its gentle ring uplift your spirits and create a positive atmosphere.

5. New calendar, new beginnings

Bid farewell to the old and welcome the new year by hanging up a fresh calendar. Remove all calendars from the past year, signifying a clean slate and a year full of opportunities.

Woman and frog figuring via Pexels

6. Prosperous finances – fill your wallet

As you step into the New Year, ensure your wallet isn’t empty. Symbolically, a well-filled wallet signifies financial abundance and security.

7. Frog figurine for wealth

Place a frog figurine, believed to attract wealth, near your entrance. This charming addition could bring prosperity into your home, creating an inviting atmosphere for abundance.

8. Birds bring good tidings

Embrace the belief that birds symbolise good news in Feng Shui. Consider feeding the birds around your home to invite positive energy and joyful tidings into your life.

By incorporating these Feng Shui practices into your living space, you’re not just preparing for the New Year; you’re setting the stage for a prosperous and harmonious 2024.

This article was syndicated from Marie Claire Argentina
Translated and adapted by Praise Vandeh, Marie Claire Nigeria Content Writer


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