The ultimate guide to navigating your first vacation together

Some people say that assembling furniture is the ultimate relationship test for new couples. We confidently believe that navigating your first vacation together for the first time is even more thrilling. In a new setting, different from home, you can discover many new—both positive and negative—things about each other.

Going on vacation together

It may seem like the ultimate test begins once you’re at the airport with packed suitcases, but the challenge starts with choosing your destination. Do you both enjoy the same type of vacations or are your ideal trips completely different? Are you opting for an adventurous camping trip or a luxurious all-inclusive resort?

Once you choose the destination, the fun begins. Researching your destination and making plans can be very exciting. It’s thrilling to be navigating your first vacation together. You can’t predict what irritations might arise, but of course, you want your budding relationship to survive the trip. Luckily, you can take some steps beforehand to increase your chances of success.

Planning a romantic getaway? The ultimate guide to navigating your first vacation together


For a first vacation together, it’s wise not to choose the most challenging destination. Opt for a place where you both feel comfortable. Navigating a familiar city or a tourist-friendly location will present fewer obstacles than an intense backpacking trip to an unfamiliar place. With nice accommodation where you get enough sleep, you can start the day refreshed and in good spirits, which is helpful as you are still getting to know each other in this new setting.

Agree on compromises beforehand about the activities you want to do. It’s unlikely you will want to do the same things, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun together. It’s about give and take. For instance, each of you can make a top three list of things you want to do, and then do all the things on both lists. Make sure you know a bit about your destination so you can take initiative when, for example, finding a nice restaurant.

When you engage in an activity together, go all in. Even if it’s an activity from your partner’s top three. It’s most enjoyable for your partner when you participate enthusiastically in something they are interested in. Take photos and bring games and books to relax together.

Be patient, even more so than usual. On a hot day, you both might be tired and small things might start to annoy you. Try not to let these irritations take over and count to ten before expressing your frustrations. Also, be realistic about your expectations. Of course, moments of irritation will arise, but that doesn’t mean the vacation—or relationship—is doomed. No one is perfect, so it’s normal to feel irritated sometimes. How you handle it will determine the rest of your vacation.

Finances can also be a challenge during a vacation. It’s not the most fun topic to discuss, but the last thing you want to fight about is money. Who pays the bill, and how do you split the costs? It’s good to make some agreements in advance, and, where possible, treat your partner occasionally.


Making plans is fine, but don’t stick too strictly to them. “Go with the flow” is a great motto to test how you function as a couple on vacation. Enjoy this new adventure together and the new aspects you discover about your partner. By overloading your schedule, you leave little room for spontaneity, increasing the chances of things going wrong.

If you need a lot of time to get ready, adjust your schedule accordingly. Get up a bit earlier so your partner doesn’t have to wait too long.

We’ve all experienced it: looking for a restaurant when you’re hungry. Unfortunately, “hangry” irritations can quickly arise, leading to snapping at each other. Don’t argue about where to eat and take a moment to calm down.

One of the biggest irritations is a travel companion who complains a lot—about the heat, expensive drinks, or crowded streets. Focus on the positive aspects and mention them. This can positively affect your partner’s mood, so be aware of your impact on the atmosphere.

It may seem obvious, but it’s crucial to remember not to be constantly on your phone. Take lots of photos, but make sure to stay present and pay attention to each other. It’s your first vacation together, a special moment you want to fully enjoy.

This article was syndicated from Marie Claire Netherlands
Translated and adapted by Praise Vandeh, Marie Claire Nigeria Content Writer


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