The classic and natural discreet nails take centre stage in 2023

We can know people’s personalities through their hands and the state of their nails; these speak about us, so taking care of them is a must in our self-care routine.

2023 have a wide variety of colours, unlike previous years when nails were characterised by being sculptural and dramatic. This year, they will be more discreet but flirtatious.


Colours that disappear into the skin, these tones are discreet and do not stand out from a distance. They give the accessories the spotlight; it is timeless and they make you look classic. We know that less is more and a nude colour combines with any look.

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Nails with textures

Using rhinestones on nails will be seen a lot next year, from small gems to 3D flower details. They will not be applied traditionally, since the purpose is to combine textures with looks.

nail trends
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Metallic colours

A futuristic touch, the metallic colours stand out from afar and give dynamism to the hands. From electrifying colours such as blues, greens, oranges to tones such as silver or gold. Ideal if we want our hands to shine and attract attention.

Nail trends
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Natural nails

Continuing with the line of naturalness, wearing nails without colour, but with a transparent coat, is a great option. Applying a transparent coat that gives us shine will continue to give our hands a fresh touch, and giving them luminosity is a good option.

nail trends
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French manicure

It doesn’t have to be boring, although it is the most classic look in 2023. You have to play with colours. Having more dynamic and extroverted French nails will make our hands stand out.

nail trends
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The reds and pinks

Red that never goes out of style makes us look elegant and daring and stands out from afar. Pink is a colour of fun and youth. The combination of both tones, along with gradient designs and abstract shapes, will be most used.

nail trends
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The shapes and colours we choose for our nails are an extension of our personality and fashion. Maintaining them is important to have a good image. The more we add to the nails, the greater the time that must be spent with the manicurists.

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