How to explore karmic relationships to find love and soulmates

Feel that connection that penetrates to the soul?

We’ve all pondered the mysteries of love, from encountering the love of our life to finding our soulmate. But what about those relationships that delve deeper into the soul, the ones we call karmic relationships?

What exactly are karmic relationships?

Even if you haven’t heard the term, it carries a profound meaning, tapping into the purest of feelings. These relationships, sometimes fleeting, sweep into our lives, reshaping our world and our very essence.

Despite our best efforts, they’re not meant to last–they’re just not compatible with us. Bound by past lives, the meeting is inevitable. Unlike lifelong love, sharing our eternity, and soulmates (who play a part in karmic relationships), these people can’t stick around.

Let’s break down types of karmic relationships

Karmic relationships (karmic love)

We’re not perfect, and sometimes we need someone else to prove it. Enter karmic love – a relationship that pushes you to grow, question yourself, and confront your less desirable aspects. Despite the lack of stability, these relationships are both educational and intense.

Kindred soul relationship

Ever felt an instant, unexplainable connection with someone? That’s the first sign of a kindred soul relationship. The attraction flows, and the person seems to come from your past. Comfortable as it may be, trust your instincts–the apparent ideal partner might be hiding traps.

Dharmic soul relationship

Unlike the previous type, these relationships are calm, stable, and bring immense peace. Born out of serenity, they happen when we’ve learned lessons from past relationships. These people don’t cause anxiety, but help us envision a shared future.


Consider your soulmate as the love of your life? Brace yourself for significant breakups that might keep you apart for a lifetime. These intense connections can happen with friends or family, combining elements of other relationship types.

Exiting a relationship without fulfilling a purpose? Look at the growth; people will enter and exit your life. Some are meant to stay, others will teach lessons gently or intensely, but they all have a purpose. Look beyond and discover the learning.

This article was syndicated from Marie Claire Mexico
Translated and adapted by Praise Vandeh, Marie Claire Nigeria Content Writer


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