5 tips to get your skin firm and radiant again

“As we age, our skin tends to become drier and more sensitive, and our complexion may lose its radiance and appear less even,” says Patrick Lorentz, global pro makeup artist at Estée Lauder. “To achieve a uniform complexion, use lightweight, silky serum textures packed with nourishing ingredients. Apply a concealer with your fingertips, mixed with a dab of eye cream, to conceal dark circles and tired-looking eyes.”

Pay extra attention to the inner corners of the eyes–which tend to have a bluish tint–and the outer corners, which may show spots or irritations. Blur imperfections by applying a thin layer of concealer before your foundation. A peach- or salmon-coloured concealer neutralises blue or purple tones; apply it before your regular concealer. For added glow, nothing beats a touch of highlighter, in cream or gel texture, on the high points of the cheeks.”

Create your blush:

Make your ‘blush water’, a lightweight, liquid blush. Apply a small amount of your favourite serum to the back of your hand. Then, use a large brush to distribute the serum evenly over your cheekbones.

Next, apply powder blush: by focusing on the highest points of your cheekbones, you add extra dimension to your face. Pink brings a dull complexion to life, while apricot or peach tones refresh pale or pinkish skin. Blush water gives you a subtle, natural, and healthy-looking glow.”

Relax your gaze:

Defined eyebrows lift your eyes. Shape your eyebrows: brush them upward first and then flatten any raised points. If needed, subtly accentuate them with a pencil in a shade matching your hair colour or slightly lighter. Use a light eyeshadow under your brow bone to accentuate your eyes. Eyeliner can give a harsh look; it’s better to use a soft pencil on the eyelid creases. Draw a line along the upper lash line and gently blend it outward with a brush. Give your lashes a boost of volume with black or dark brown mascara.”

Fill your smile:

To reduce lip thinning and prevent lipstick from bleeding, mix a bit of concealer with a hydrating serum on your hand. With this mixture, soften fine lines around the mouth. Then, opt for a hybrid lipstick that provides colour and care. Pink, beige, and classic red suit most skin tones; dark shades can make the smile appear harsher and smaller. Use a matching pencil to reshape and maintain the colour of your lips. This way, your mouth stays perfect, even after a drink or a kiss.”

Go for colour:

Apply a generous layer of matte eyeshadow in one colour over the eyelids. Colours like blue, violet, khaki, gold, and copper suit almost everyone. For cool skin tones, yellow, orange, or anise green can slightly weigh down the look. Mixed and darker skin tones can wear almost any colour, except soft pink or beige, as these shades tend to appear somewhat grey.”

Highlight your strengths:

Take care of your skin’s needs and think long-term, says makeup artist Ines Borgonjon. A good skincare routine is essential. Try different products and take the time to discover what works best for your skin. Once your skincare is in place, you can start experimenting and, most importantly, playing with makeup. Women often focus on their flaws, but we should look at our strengths. Use makeup not to hide ‘flaws’ but to emphasise your assets.

Don’t focus on dark circles under your eyes or a blemish under your nose; instead, focus on your beautiful cheekbones and the unique colour of your eyes. Accept the compliments you receive and let them shine through in your appearance.

My major tip: liquid textures are often better for mature skin than powders. Heavy and matte textures can make the skin look dull or settle into fine lines. You can use loose powders, but apply them subtly as a finishing touch for your look.”

This article was syndicated from Marie Claire Belgium Flemish
Translated and adapted by Praise Vandeh, Marie Claire Nigeria Content Writer


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