Goal or no goal, Nigerian women score big on AFCON Twitter humour

Super Eagles at AFCON Finals

In the AFCON finals yesterday, while the Super Eagles of Nigeria may have faced a tough match against Ivory Coast, the real competition unfolded on Twitter, where Nigerian women led a humorous charge that kept spirits high despite the outcome on the field. The game ended in favour of Ivory Coast, but Nigerian Twitter was undefeated in humour, showcasing the indomitable spirit of Nigerian fans, particularly the women, who turned the event into a memorable social media spectacle.

While the Super Eagles were battling it out for the AFCON title, Nigerian women took to Twitter, proving once again that they’re in a league of their own when it comes to wit and humour. Their tweets offered a mix of support, humour, and insightful commentary, turning the match into a much lighter affair.

Here are some of the funniest AFCON tweets from Nigerian women:



While the Super Eagles may not have clinched the title, Nigerian women on Twitter proved that their sense of humour and support for their team knows no bounds. Their tweets not only provided comic relief but also showcased the passionate and vibrant spirit of Nigerian football fans, ensuring that even in defeat, the camaraderie and high spirits of Nigerians remain undefeated.


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