Get a defined jawline with these remedies for double-chin

Are you struggling with a double chin? Before considering drastic measures, here are a few remedies for double-chin. From skincare routines to dietary adjustments and facial exercises, here’s your guide to achieving a sleeker neck profile.

Understanding the causes:

Genetics, sudden weight gain, and skin ageing are common culprits behind the appearance of a double chin. Even modern habits like prolonged smartphone use contribute to the issue. Leïla El-Marbouh, an expert from the Rocher Group, explains that menopause can also worsen the situation due to fat redistribution.

Four remedies for double-chin

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Cosmetic solutions:

Firming treatments play a vital role in combating double chin woes. Anaïs Laroche of SkinCeuticals advises selecting products that target fat reduction, skin firmness, and collagen production. Even if weight loss is a goal, maintaining skin firmness is crucial, according to Leïla El-Marbouh. Daily SPF 50 sunscreen is a must to protect against UV damage.

Effective neck exercises:

Facial gymnastics, just five minutes daily, can make a significant difference. Leïla El-Marbouh recommends starting from the double chin and working upwards along the jawline with firm, upward movements. Another technique involves tilting the head back and gently sending kisses to the sky. For added benefits, try using a Gua Sha tool for reshaping the face contour.

Dietary support:

Incorporating fibre-rich foods and supplements like red vine extract can aid in fat metabolism and reduce water retention. Avoiding salty, processed foods and alcohol is essential for maintaining a healthy neck profile. Emphasise fruits, vegetables, and lean protein sources for overall health and weight management.

Makeup tricks:

For a quick fix, makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic suggests using concealer strategically. Apply a darker shade under the chin and blend it downwards, then brighten the base of the neck and chin with a lighter shade for a more defined look.

This article was syndicated from Marie Claire France
Translated and adapted by Praise Vandeh, Marie Claire Nigeria Content Writer


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