From glam to casual – 10 unforgettable outfits from Priscilla Ojo

Priscilla Ojo’s 10 most liked looks on Instagram

Priscilla Ojo’s Instagram is an inspirational port for the trendy and fashion-forward babes. As a Gen-Z fashion icon and entrepreneur, Priscilla sets the pace for trends and inspiration on the fashion scene. From cultural celebrations and movie premieres to red-carpet glam, join us as we uncover Priscilla’s top 10 most-liked looks on Instagram. How did we come about these top 10 picks? I carefully examined Priscilla’s Instagram, considering likes, comments, and important events to curate a list that truly represents the standout moments of her fashion journey.

As we count down, prepare to be mesmerised by the ingenuity, elegance, and sheer magnetism of Priscilla’s style evolution. Each ensemble embodies the taste of this young fashionista.



Priscilla Ojo’s Lasosa by Pam Pam white cutout halter neck ensemble, styled by herself for the Face of Hope official event, stands as a masterclass in statement dressing. The intricate detailing, adorned with red embroidering, exudes sophistication and youthfulness, setting a perfectly audacious and elegant tone. It’s a striking outfit that effortlessly captivates her audience.


For her appearance at the movie premiere of “Ada OMO Daddy” in an ensemble by 7th Leo Bridal and Couture, styled by Emmanuel Goodnews, was a radiant Naija belle in this trad look. Her embrace of Nigerian heritage in this ankara ensemble resonated deeply with her followers, offering a refreshing departure from mainstream styling inclinations. The vibrant Ankara fabric paired with a pink turban exuded cultural pride and authenticity, showcasing Priscilla’s ability to infuse modern flair into traditional attire. With over a thousand comments, including one follower expressing admiration for the “hot pink” choice, Priscilla effortlessly stamped her Gen Z fashion icon status onto this modest yet stylish ensemble, as evidenced by the bold cleavage and shoulder pads, adding a contemporary twist to the traditional attire.


It’s giving Mood 4 Eva! Priscilla Ojo’s stunning appearance at the movie premiere of “A Tribe Called Judah” in a Lososa Pam Pam leopard skin off-shoulder dress, styled by Emmanuel Goodnews, emulated Beyoncé’s iconic look with confidence and glamour. The leopard skin pattern always elevates any look, adding an element of allure and sophistication with a thigh-high slit that adds some welcomed drama; while Priscilla’s self-assured demeanour channelled the spirit of royalty, resonating with fans of both herself and Queen Bey.


Priscilla’s appearance at the premiere of Layo’s lounge show on Africa Magic in a Sewasimi white long floral mermaid dress was styled by Emmanuel Goodnews. Priscilla’s captivating presence in this ensemble captivates hearts with its timeless elegance. The delicate floral pattern and figure-flattering silhouette exude femininity and grace, making it a favourite among her followers. Adding pearls and stacked necklaces elevates the look, adding a touch of sophistication that appeals to a broad audience.


Priscilla Ojo’s whole look to the 2023 AMVCA, styled by Emmanuel Goodnews was a visual feast for the eyes, with intricate detailing, a gold-stoned bodice, and cascading threads of gold beads evoking images of ancient warrior princesses, exuding power, regality, and style.


Emmanuel Goodness styled the look book shoot for Priscilla’s fashion brand, Priscyluxe, where the starlet was both the designer and the muse. Priscilla dons a leather skater skirt and mesh crop top, complemented by a blue baguette. This ensemble is a testament to her entrepreneurial spirit and fashion-forward sensibility. The edgy yet chic combination appeals to her followers’ desire for trendy yet wearable fashion. It’s a look that embodies her style and creativity, earning likes and admiration from fans and fashion enthusiasts alike.


Priscilla was a siren in her birthday look, styled by Emmanuel Goodnews. The crystallised mesh crop top paired with a denim trifecta of crystal-embellished miniskirt, cape, and knee-high boots exudes glamour and sophistication. This ensemble encapsulates the prowess of a young Nigerian fashion icon in her fashion element, unafraid to take fashion risks and set trends. It’s a look that celebrates her individuality and fearlessness in fashion, earning admiration for its boldness and style. Priscilla effortlessly commands attention, showcasing her innate ability to push boundaries and redefine fashion standards with each daring choice.


Priscilla Ojo’s 22nd birthday shoot was truly mesmerising. How she effortlessly pairs the vibrant canary yellow bustier with the dazzling gold-sequined skirt creates an unforgettable contrast that catches the eye. Priscilla doesn’t look like she’s doing too much, yet let’s not forget about how she styles it all with such finesse, from the elegantly flipped ponytail to the perfectly coordinated accessories, bringing it back to earth in black strappy heels that fashion girls worldwide should own a pair or an iteration of. This look is alluring because Priscy has made high fashion accessible to achieve. I can only imagine the number of tailors across the country who have received this look as inspiration to be copied.


Priscilla at the Queen Charlotte premiere, adorned in a navy blue Edwardian dress by Xtrabridelagos and styled by Emmanuel Goodness is regality personified. The retro fashion ensemble showcased her impeccable taste and red carpet allure, effortlessly capturing attention and admiration. The dress draws inspiration from Edwardian-era fashions, displaying elegance and sophistication, perfectly complementing Priscilla’s regal presence on the red carpet. With her confidence and grace, Priscilla commanded the spotlight, earning praise and admiration for her impeccable sense of style and magnetic presence.


Priscilla’s ensemble at the NaijaonNetflix event, styled by Emmanuel Goodnews, showcasing iteration of Nigerian stars is a triumph of style and culture, celebrating her heritage with grace and elegance. The white lace mermaid dress paired with a vibrant red gele and matching accessories pays homage to Nigerian traditions while exuding timeless glamour. This classic colourway embodies Nigerian elegance and sophistication, showcasing Priscilla’s appreciation for her culture and individuality. It’s a look that resonates deeply with her audience, earning likes and admiration for its authenticity, beauty, and celebration of Nigerian heritage.

And there you have it—Priscilla Ojo’s top 10 most-liked outfits on Instagram are a testament to her impeccable style, creativity, and authenticity. Each look tells a story and resonates with her audience deeply, earning admiration and likes for their boldness, elegance, and sophistication. So, do you agree with our picks, or do you have another favourite in mind? Drop a comment below and let us know your thoughts! As Priscilla continues to push the boundaries of fashion and influence, one thing is clear: she’s a force to be reckoned with in the world of style and social media.


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