The Marie Claire Fashion Special

Dive into the world of sustainable fashion & embrace your connection to fashion

Dear Readers,

With great pleasure, I step into the role of guest editor for this special edition, dedicated to the visionary world of sustainable fashion. Considering that what we wear and how we wear it are daily human decisions, this might be the one topic in which we all have a stake.

Throughout this fashion issue, we will explore the many ways we can commit to sustainability, whether as producers or consumers, and shed light on the transformative power of fashion when it embraces sustainability.

As an individual, my first awareness of the need for sustainability emerged during a geography class on climate change many years ago. When I decided to enter the world of fashion, I knew that my passion for sustainability and education must take center stage in my business.

This led us to establish a sustainable fashion brand that supports adult education with a percentage of its profit.

As individuals, the first step towards making sustainable decisions is the desire to do so. I do not recommend overwhelming yourself with a massive sustainability project but rather making a conscious decision to introduce the smallest sustainable practices into your lifestyle.

I firmly believe that individual actions, no matter how seemingly small, have the power to spark monumental transformations.
Read more in my letter as Guest Editor of Marie Claire Nigeria’s fashion issue.

In unwavering commitment to a sustainable future,

Florentina Agu
Founder, Hertunba