#EndFemicideKE: National Police Service in Kenya show solidarity with End Femicide protesters 

On January 27, 2024, Kenyan women took to the streets of Kenya to protest against the dire issue of femicide in Kenya. The National Police Service, along with the Inspector General of Police, Kenya, deployed an all-female squad to the scene of the protest to ensure a peaceful walk for all women on the road.

The issue of femicide in Kenya remains a great concern for women in society. As reported by DW, 14 women so far have been killed in 2024; in 2023, there were 152 cases of femicide; and in 2022, 725 women and girls were murdered.

Femicide has become a national crisis for the country, forcing its women and men to protest against the killings, seeking justice for the lives taken by gender-based violence. In some cases, reports have stated that an intimate partner or close relative of the victims is usually the perpetrator of the crime.

The all-female team has been identified as the first all-female special weapons and tactics team in sub-Saharan Africa. The team has been trained in combat for 15 months and is responsible for the everyday security of Kenyan citizens.

Mercy Jelima on X

How did the march go?

Attendees of the march took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to speak on their experience with the all-female SWAT team during the march.

Security was great. Safe. No violence. No police interference, just protecting & guiding. This is how demonstrations are done. – Waceera Kieha

It was a message that female cops can also undergo femicide. – RKM

Others took to X to express their opinion on the effectiveness of the SWAT team during the march.

Nanjala Chebet on X

It is now clear that police officers are the ones who make peaceful protests violent. We hope they will be this professional when we hold future protests to lower the cost of living. – Odhiambo Obonyo 

Proof that this country can actually function if the people calling the shots want it to – unfortunately, most times, the people calling the shots are the ones sabotaging our country – Jay

Women and girls have now taken to the streets in Kenya to beg for their safety. Deploying an all-female squad to the protest grounds might show initiative. However, persecution and justice against perpetrators of femicide is what Kenyan women are asking for. Existing as a woman should not be a death sentence. We stand in solidarity with the Kenyan women and hope the victims of femicide get the justice they deserve.


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