Elevate your campus style with these A+ tips for your closet

Starting your academic journey doesn’t mean ditching style. Learn to balance comfort and flair, choose outfits that reflect you, and turn your walk to class into a personal runway. Your style deserves an A+ every day!

Organise your closet:

Organize your closet to streamline your morning routine. Know your wardrobe, skip the hassle of hunting for hidden pieces, and make every outfit choice a breeze!

Maintain an inventory:

Enhance your organization game by snapping pics of your clothes and using an AI closet tool. It’s not just about efficiency; it becomes your go-to style reference!

Plan outfits:

If you’re like me and are indecisive about what to wear most days, you should pick an outfit at least the day before. Having it ready accounts for morning rushes, late wake-ups, and potential laundry delays.

Curate inspirations:

Save style inspirations on platforms like Pinterest or Instagram, but remember they’re about getting creative with what’s in your closet. They’re idea sparks for your next purchase but mainly to elevate your styling.


– What styling techniques are at play here?

– Identify the basics – a jersey with cargo pants or a short skirt with a tank top?

– How’s the accessorizing game?

– Note the colour palette used.

Remember, social media images are often taken in the most flattering way, and not every outfit translates well to real life.

Embrace a feel or theme:

Consider your feelings for each day – formal for Mondays, perhaps colourful and preppy for Wednesdays. Some classes dictate a professional look or have specific dress codes, simplifying your choices. Labs may require covered-toe shoes, setting the tone for your outfit. Embrace Friday vibes with prints like Ankara and Adire. Choose a vibe that suits your day!

Invest in wardrobe essentials:

The cornerstone of a solid wardrobe? Essential basics. Whether you keep it simple or level up with layering and accessories, make sure your closet boasts must-haves: jeans, tank tops, t-shirts, formal trousers, jackets, sneakers, shirts, sandals, and flats or loafers.

Establish a laundry routine:

With a busy school schedule, a laundry routine is crucial. Plan when to wash, dry, steam/iron your clothes, and keep your accessories clean. For your shoes, I recommend cleaning them right after you take them off.

Shop intentionally:

Always opt for items that can be styled in multiple ways. Choose items that are not too restrictive in colour or style and can easily fit at least two other items in your closet.


Accessories are game-changers. We all know that accessories can easily take any outfit from 6 to 10. The best part is that you can find affordable and unique ones anywhere, from a local market, an online shop, or even your friends.

Prioritise comfort:

For a day packed with classes, prioritize comfort. Steer clear of pieces that compromise your ease. That positive vibe reflects on those around you when you feel good in your outfit.

Confidence matters:

Confidence is key, and sometimes you’ve got to fake it till you make it. Stand tall, rock your style, and let that confidence radiate through your outfit.


As a student, staying fashionable doesn’t have to be a daily dilemma. What tip are you implementing next?


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