Covered in Intrigue: Unveiling the captivating trends in Nigerian book covers for 2023

Forget the age-old wisdom of not judging a book by its cover. It’s time to revisit the cliché and embrace the truth: book covers matter, my friend. And oh boy, do we have some jaw-dropping covers for you!

Picture this: you’re strolling through a bookstore, scanning the shelves for your next literary adventure. Suddenly, your eyes lock onto a cover that practically slaps you in the face with its captivating visuals. It’s like love at first sight, only with books. That’s the power of a well-designed cover, my dear reader.

But hold on; there’s more! These covers aren’t just pretty faces. They’re storytellers in their own right, giving you a tantalizing glimpse into the author’s plot, atmosphere, and brilliant mind. It’s like the cover is whispering, “Hey, you! Come delve into this world of intrigue and wonder.”

Now, let’s cut to the chase. No more beating around the bush. Here are xxx cover designs from Nigerian publishers that will make your heart skip a beat, your jaw drop, and your wallet scream, “Take my money!” 

Brace yourself because these covers are about to blow your literary-loving mind.

Such A Beautiful Thing To Behold

Publisher: Farafina; Cover Artist: Chuka Ozoadibe, Akeem Ibrahim

What stands out?

  • Stylish Typography
  • Illustrative colour choice
  • Evocative imagery

In the isolated village of Pilam, a devastating plague has ravaged the population, leaving death and despair in its wake. The disease drains its victims of strength and colour, except for the young, who are immune. Amidst the despair, Dunka, the eldest son of an afflicted family, embarks on a perilous journey beyond the village walls in search of a cure to save his siblings. Umar Turaki’s gripping novel explores themes of survival, love, and the indomitable human spirit. 

The ideal book cover for this captivating tale would feature a hauntingly beautiful landscape, tinged with shades of grey and a glimmer of hope, capturing the essence of the character’s journey through the darkness towards redemption. 

The artist’s brilliant vision for the book cover captures the essence of an uncertain and somewhat perilous journey. The landscape portrayed creates an illusion that draws readers in, hinting at the challenges that await. At the centre of it, stands a striking tree, next to a figure that we can assume is the protagonist. This clever composition plays with the title, enticing readers to discover what truly lies within this captivating tale. 

With its striking visuals and thought-provoking symbolism, this book cover serves as a tantalizing invitation, promising a gripping narrative filled with suspense, heartache, and the unwavering human spirit. It captures the essence of the characters’ arduous journey through darkness, offering a glimpse of the transformative power of hope that awaits within the pages of this extraordinary novel.

Expert In All Styles

Publisher: Farafina ; Cover Artist: Emmanuel Osonde, Akeem Ibrahim

What stands out?

  • Stylish Typography
  • Vibrant Colours
  • Minimalist Illustration

Expert In All Styles is a captivating collection of stories that plunge readers into the intricate battles of individuals navigating desires, despair, and hope within Nigeria’s ever-changing social landscape. With masterful storytelling, the twelve tales take us on unique journeys, traversing diverse settings and evoking a wide range of emotions. From the heartwarming Lake Chad Club, where a family embarks on an unforgettable adventure in Maiduguri, to the thought-provoking Communicable Disease, which follows an American-Nigerian family’s poignant return to Lagos, this collection paints a vivid picture of life’s complexities.

An abstract cover would be fitting to encapsulate this diverse collection’s essence. A collage of striking images, incorporating vibrant colours, intricate patterns, and illustrations capturing both joy and struggle, would beckon readers into a world brimming with desires, despair, and the enduring power of hope.

However, in a bold artistic choice, the cover artist opts for a minimalist approach that pays homage to the intricate beauty within the book’s pages. Drawing inspiration from the style sheets that adorned hair salons in our nostalgic youth, this cover design hints at the title story and sparks a sense of familiarity and curiosity. It becomes an invitation for readers to delve into the hidden depths of the collection.

The cover’s brilliant colour blends vibrant hues to create a visually captivating composition that catches the eye. These carefully selected colours add an element of intrigue, offering glimpses of the profound narratives awaiting exploration.

With its minimalist aesthetic, the cover simultaneously manages to evoke nostalgia, artistic allure, and curiosity. It stands as an irresistible gateway for readers, inviting them to embark on an unforgettable journey through the intricate and compelling stories that await within the pages of Expert In All Styles.

Love Offers No Safety

Publisher Cassava Republic Press; Cover Artist: Jamie Keenan

What stands out?

  • Minimal Typography
  • Vibrant Colours
  • Abstract composition

Love Offers No Safety is a compelling anthology that weaves together the first-hand accounts of queer men in Nigeria, allowing their voices to shine through. In their own words, these courageous individuals share their unique stories, painting a vivid portrait of their everyday lives filled with love, heartbreak, tenderness, and struggle. This powerful collection showcases the diverse experiences within the queer community, highlighting that there is no singular universal narrative. From tales of finding love and overcoming heartbreak to the strength found in community and the challenges faced, Love Offers No Safety delves deep into the complexities of queer existence.

To capture the essence of this impactful anthology, the cover artist delivers a kaleidoscope of colours, symbolizing the richness and diversity of these journeys. It is a visual celebration of resilience, love, and the human spirit, drawing readers in with its warmth and authenticity.

Additionally, the cover incorporates visual elements that explore the concept of masculinity and its societal pressures. It features symbolic imagery that challenges toxic masculinity, breaking down the barriers to understanding and fostering empathy among individuals. This cover invites readers to explore the unique narratives within the anthology and sparks important conversations about identity, acceptance, and the power of human connection.

Avenues By Train

Publisher Cassava Republic Press; Cover Artist: Jamie Keenan

What stands out?

  • Symbolic elements
  • Vibrant Colours
  • Intertextual meaning

Jedza, a weary electrician seeking refuge from the darkness and superstitions of Miner’s Drift, his hometown, sets off on a journey to Harare in search of a fresh start. However, life in the bustling streets of the Avenues is anything but serene. Plagued by the unexplained vanishing of his sister and haunted by encounters with ancestral spirits like the shape-shifting njuzu and a vengeful ngozi, Jedza finds himself trapped in an unsettling atmosphere. In order to move forward, he must confront the traumas that have plagued him and stop evading his inner demons.

The book cover for this captivating tale adeptly captures the mysterious and enigmatic essence of Jedza’s odyssey. It portrays a sad depiction of Harare’s Avenues, presumably the setting for significant events in the story. Within the cover design, discreet symbols are interwoven to represent the ancestral spirits and supernatural beings that Jedza encounters. Additionally, a silhouette is featured, symbolizing Jedza’s arduous quest to break free from his past and confront the otherworldly forces lurking in the shadows.

The use of contrasting colours within the cover design effectively conveys the emotional intensity and internal struggles that Jedza grapples with throughout the narrative. The cover beckons readers with its compelling imagery, arousing their curiosity and inviting them to accompany Jedza on his audacious and transformative journey. The overall aesthetic strikes a delicate balance between the mysterious and the confident, effectively reflecting the narrative’s fusion of supernatural elements and the author’s assured storytelling.

A Spell Of Good Things

Publisher: Ouida Books; Cover Artist: Kaz Johnson-Salami

What stands out?

  • Contrasting colours
  • Mosaic Overlays
  • Stylish font

A spellbinding narrative unravels in this captivating novel, delving into the depths of family secrets, shattered dreams, and the harsh realities of a society plagued by inequality within the pages of this mesmerizing tale set in modern Nigeria. Two families find themselves entangled in a turbulent web of wealth, power, romantic obsession, and political corruption, painting a vivid portrait of a nation grappling with its own complexities.

The book cover for this enthralling story exudes a sense of intrigue and depth. It features symbolic elements that capture the essence of the characters’ lives, aspirations, and challenges. The cover also showcases a fusion of contrasting images representing the divergent worlds of Ẹniọlá and Wúràọlá, illustrating the stark contrasts in their circumstances and the forces that intertwine their paths. The imagery evokes a blend of hope and turmoil, reflecting the novel’s overarching themes.

This cover also employs a vibrant colour palette that mirrors the richness and vibrancy of Nigeria. Bold and striking hues draw our attention and evoke a sense of the country’s energy and spirit. The typography is somewhat straightforward yet commanding, capturing the essence of the author’s writing style and the weight of the story being told.

Rose and the Burma Sky

Publisher: Masobe Books

What stands out?

  • Colour play
  • Intertextual meaning
  • Minimal font

In a village in southeast Nigeria, on the cusp of the Second World War, a young man named Obi finds himself captivated by the allure of a colonial army passing through. Their crisp uniforms and the promise of steady income entice him, especially as he hopes to impress his sweetheart Rose and provide for his family. As time passes, however, and Rose becomes pregnant by another man, Obi’s world crumbles. The burden of heartbreak weighs heavily as he is thrust into the chaos of the Burma Campaign, haunted by the lingering mystery of Rose’s lover. Obi’s devastation sets a series of tragic and unforeseen events in motion as the truth unfolds.

To complement this poignant tale of love, war, and heartache, the cover evokes a sense of nostalgia and longing. It features elements of a mango tree, serving as a powerful symbol of Obi’s perspective as he watches the world around him change, as well as a striking visual representation of a soldier standing amidst the chaos of war, capturing the essence of Obi’s journey.

The colours reflect the warmth of the Nigerian landscape, with hints of both vibrancy and melancholy. The juxtaposition of vibrant colours and sombre tones convey the contrasting themes of love and loss, hope and devastation. The typography is elegant and timeless, representing the enduring nature of love amidst the ravages of war.

This cover captures the story’s emotional depth, inviting readers to immerse themselves in the journey of one soldier’s enduring love. It entices with its visual imagery and evokes a sense of the historical and cultural context in which the narrative unfolds.

The Middle Daughter

Publisher: Masobe Books

What stands out?

  • Vibrant Colours
  • Intertextual meaning
  • Evocative Imagery

Udodi’s untimely demise marked the commencement of a fierce storm, yet little did we know that fate had more tribulations in store for us. In the aftermath of Nani’s tender age of seventeen, she is struck by the tragic loss of her cherished sister and father. Isolated and misunderstood by her remaining kin, Nani becomes entranced by the charismatic allure of a wandering preacher—a self-proclaimed ‘man of God’ who promises solace and certainty. However, instead of a promising future, Nani finds herself prematurely thrust into the harsh realities of womanhood, trapped in a stifling marriage.

Amidst the trials and tribulations, will Nani summon the strength to seize control of her destiny, pursuing true happiness at any cost?

A captivating and emotionally charged design is ideal for a book cover that captures the essence of this poignant tale. The cover is a blend of contrasting colours, with shades of pale blue, deep green, and vibrant red, representing the contrasting emotions and experiences Nani goes through in her journey.

The cover incorporates elements of nature to convey the themes of loss, resilience, and hope. Blooming flowers, symbolizing growth and new beginnings, represent Nani’s transformative journey towards finding true happiness. The clear blue in the background could further symbolize the dawn of a new chapter in her life, filled with possibilities and empowerment. Regarding typography, a delicate font is used for the title and author’s name, reflecting Nani’s inner strength and grace. 

Overall, the book cover evokes a sense of emotional depth and resilience, capturing our attention and inviting us to embark on Nani’s journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

These are the trends:

First, let’s talk about stylish typography, the reigning king of Nigerian book covers. Designers are unleashing their typographic wizardry, experimenting with an array of fonts and lettering styles to create visually appealing compositions that are simply oozing sophistication and elegance. These covers don’t just catch your eye, folks; they seduce it, setting the perfect tone for the gripping tales that lie within those glorious pages.

Prepare to be dazzled by the energetic world of illustrative colour choice. Nigerian publishing embraces the bold and the beautiful, gracing book covers with vibrant colours that scream, “Hey, look at me!” These hues aren’t just there to be pretty; they embody Nigeria’s pulsating energy and unyielding spirit. Prepare for an explosion of visual splendour that will leave you craving more. 

We can’t forget about the captivating interplay of vibrant and contrasting colours. Oh yes, my friends, these covers know how to make a statement. They pull you in with their dynamic and unforgettable designs, adding depth and visual interest that’s impossible to ignore. And if that wasn’t enough, mosaic overlays step onto the scene, piecing together different elements like a mesmerizing work of art, igniting your imagination and leaving you in awe.

Now, let’s turn our attention to the mesmerizing power of evocative imagery. Nigerian designers are master illusionists, creating covers that vividly capture the very essence of a story. Symbolic elements and abstract compositions dance across these covers, luring readers into a realm of curiosity and intrigue. They beckon you to explore the hidden intertextual meanings lurking within those pages, daring you to take a leap of literary faith.

Last but not least, minimalist illustration and typography demand your attention with their sleek and contemporary allure. They strip away the unnecessary, leaving behind a clean and powerful aesthetic that speaks volumes. These covers are like a whisper in a crowded room, drawing your focus to the story’s core themes and essential aspects, proving that sometimes less is truly more.

These prevalent book cover trends in Nigerian publishing are a testament to the industry’s commitment to captivating readers and showcasing Nigerian literature’s extraordinary diversity and creativity. With their stylish typography, illustrative colour choices, and evocative imagery, these covers are not just eye candy, my friends. They offer a tantalizing glimpse into the rich and vibrant narratives that await within the sacred realm of Nigerian books. 

So, prepare to be enchanted, enthralled, and utterly captivated. The literary adventure begins now!


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