Couples are finding joy and connection by embracing holiday spirit together

holiday spirit

In Nigeria, where the harmattan breeze brings a festive vibe, couples are rediscovering their bond in the holiday spirit. Amidst the bustling holiday season and the excitement of welcoming guests, they create magical moments of love and laughter.

The jollof chronicles

“In the warmth of the kitchen, where pots and spices come alive, couples engage in the holiday spirit by cooking Jollof together. It’s a dance of culinary delight, a blend of love and flavour. As guests arrive, their creative synergy turns the kitchen into a stage of delicious harmony, with every stir and sizzle inviting calls for more.

 Lights, camera, romance

Who needs a red carpet when you can roll out the mats and create your own Nollywood magic? Or other “woods” magic. Couples turn their living rooms into makeshift theatres, complete with popcorn and dimmed lights. Whether it’s a romantic drama or a comedy of errors, the laughter and shared glances make their love story the star of the show.

Afrobeats dance off

As Afrobeats fill the air, couples of all ages join in a dance-off, embodying the holiday spirit. They find unity in rhythm, twirling and swaying with joy as guests cheer on. Each step, whether graceful or comical, is an expression of love, and their laughter becomes the melody of their festive dance.

Bonding in style

Amid holiday chaos, couples don’t just get dressed; they embark on an Ankara fashion frenzy. From headwraps to agbadas, they showcase Nigerian attire’s vibrant colours and patterns. It’s not just a fashion show—it’s a celebration of cultural richness, a stylish reminder of the bond that transcends trends.

Sing your hearts out

Turn the living room into a karaoke carnival where off-key notes become a symphony of love. Couples serenade each other, belting out tunes that range from the soulful to the downright silly. The cheers and laughter from guests create a harmonious backdrop, making it a karaoke night to remember.

Get creative with arts and crafts

Couples dive into Aso Ebi arts and crafts in the spirit of creativity. From beading to tie-dye, they unleash their artistic flair, creating personalised tokens of love for each other. It’s a hands-on experience that adds a touch of uniqueness to the holiday season, leaving guests in awe of the crafted masterpieces.

Laughter therapy

When words fail, charades prevail! Couples engage in a hilarious game of charades, with gestures and miming turning into a language of love. The laughter becomes a form of therapy, creating a lighthearted atmosphere that transcends the confines of language.


Stealing moments for love

Amidst the hustle and bustle, couples sneak away into their bedroom sanctuary. Whether for a quick nap, a soothing massage session, a heart-to-heart check-in, or a sizzling quickie love-making, these stolen moments become the secret ingredient that keeps their connection alive. In the calm of their private space, they rediscover the intimacy that weaves through the fabric of their relationship.

During Nigeria’s holiday season, couples immerse themselves in the holiday spirit, hosting guests and creating moments of deep connection. Amid the festive chaos, love and laughter intertwine, enriching their celebrations. Whether through cooking, art, or dance, every act becomes a part of their love story’s canvas. As the harmattan breeze spreads joy and laughter, Nigerian couples creatively prioritize their bond, making their holidays not just merry but magically connected.


  • Cecilia Agu

    Cecilia Agu is a certified relationship and marriage counsellor. She is also a certified Clinical Sexologist. She is married to one man lol, and blessed with 4 children. She is passionate about building a healthy society, one marriage at a time.

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