Controversial Pastor Tobi Adegboyega led a 2000 women’s walk, and we’re not sure why

The former leader of Salvation Proclaimers Anointed Church, otherwise known as SPAC Nation, recently led a 2000 women’s march to the Prime minister’s office in the UK.

According to reports, the walk was to submit a petition for equality. Dubbed the “Female Equality Walk,” this walk has sparked reasonable questions about Pastor Tobi’s involvement in a women’s walk and why the controversial Pastor is even leading it.

In an Instagram post about the walk, Pastor Tobi said,

“Today, myself, Lucy and the female leaders led a female march to No.10. We marched to submit a petition for the girl child’s equality. Some of the men also came to support. We once again demonstrated our street power. This was thousands of ladies that followed us there in real time, all young, mostly black, successful ladies. We have evolved. You can judge for yourself if we are relevant to the community and the nation or not.

Why is Pastor Tobi so controversial?

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BBC Panorama investigation accused Adegboyega and other church leaders of financially exploiting church members. Panorama interviewed several individuals who made accusations against the church, suggesting that Adegboyega should be held accountable.

Panorama later released a video in which Adegboyega stated he believed it was “no big deal for members of the church to give at least £1,000 a month to the church” and that he needed to make £1 million monthly. A church member, Nino, claimed Adegboyega asked him for £20,000 for an investment. While the church denied these allegations, Adegboyega declined an interview with Panorama.

In January 2020, Croydon North MP Steve Reed accused the church of financial exploitation and fraud. However, as of February 2020, the police announced they would not launch a criminal inquiry.

Numerous other allegations, including financial misappropriation, fraud, domestic abuse, and sexual abuse, have been raised against SPAC Nation and its pastors. In 2019, the church was accused of pressuring youths to sell blood.

In June 2022, the UK government ordered SPAC Nation to shut down permanently after the church failed to account for more than £1.87 million of outgoings properly and operated without transparency.

Here’s what people had to say:


From sexual abuse to fraud and many more, Pastor Tobi’s credibility is heavily questionable, and so are his motives toward the Female Equality Walk. What are your thoughts on the walk, and would you let a man like Pastor Tobi act as a leader for such an important cause?


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