Chioma and Davido: A stylish curation of the elegance of Nigerian culture

Chioma Rowland and David Adeleke (AKA Davido), captivated us with their grand wedding, a true celebration of love and fashion. Their curated series of outfits not only highlighted their rich cultural heritage that showcased three cultures in Nigeria but were also simple and elegant throughout. As we explore the stunning fashion choices of the wedding, prepare to be mesmerised by the elegance, tradition, and creativity that made this event truly unforgettable.

Chioma and Davido pre-wedding looks

First look: Aso-oke elegance

Image credit: Davido via Instagram

Chioma’s first outfit was a breathtaking black gown beautifully decorated with colourful aso-oke around her hips, designed by Samuel Noon, and complemented by a matching black gele by Taiwo’s Touch. Davido matched her elegance in a colourful agbada featuring the same colours as her aso-oke accents, designed by Jennifer Rowland. His cap blended perfectly with his outfit, and he included a black walking stick that added a traditional touch to his ensemble.

Chioma’s makeup was done by Pamela Morgan, and her hair was styled by Adefunke. I loved this look for its bold use of traditional elements. The aso-oke details on Chioma’s gown were exquisite, and Davido’s agbada was both vibrant and regal. The outfit coordination was impressive, setting a high standard for the rest of the wedding’s looks.

Second look: Glowing in golden yellow

Image credit: Davido via Instagram

For their second look, the couple wowed their fans with stunning yellow outfits. Davido’s attire was complemented with red beads on his wrist, a black wristwatch, and fancy shoes. Chioma’s light yellow dress, designed by Jennifer Rowland, accentuated her curves and was paired with a brown gele by Taiwo’s Touch. Her makeup was done by Pamela Morgan, and her hair was styled by Adefunke.

This was a refreshing look that radiated warmth and joy. Chioma’s dress was flattering and elegant, and the yellow hues were perfect for a festive occasion.

Third look: The Classic Black

Image credit: Davido via Instagram

The third outfit saw the couple in sleek black ensembles that left fans impressed. Chioma’s dress, featuring a fur design on her shoulders, was created by Xtra Brides Lagos. Davido’s black outfit, exuding sophistication, was designed by Ugo Monye.

This look was sophisticated and chic. The fur detail on Chioma’s dress added a touch of luxury, and Davido’s black attire was timeless.

Wedding day of Chioma and Davido

First look: Yoruba traditional attire

Image credit: Davido via Instagram

The couple dazzled in wine and purple attire for their traditional wedding. Davido wore an agbada that he matched with a cap and designer shoes, complemented by a luxurious wristwatch and a staff. His outfit took seven people twelve days to create, designed by Deji and Kola.

Chioma stunned in a classy  dress, accessorised with silver earrings, a necklace, and a stylish purple hand fan that added a regal touch to her look. Her aso-oke fabric was crafted by Woven Market Africa, and her outfit was designed by Couture by Tabik. Her gele was styled by Taiwo’s Touch, and her bridal makeup was done by Banksbmpro.

While this Yoruba attire was my favorite, it still felt too simple, as if the designer played it too safe. I expected a bit more boldness and flair, given the significance of the occasion.

Second look: South-South elegance

Image credit: Davido via Instagram

The couple’s second wedding outfit embraced South-South Nigerian attire. Davido wore a white regal robe and blue wrapper, completed with orange beads and a white cap with orange trimmings, designed by Ugo Monye. Chioma wore a white blouse and wrapper with gild trimmings, finished with a white gele by Taiwo’s Touch. Her outfit was designed by Tubo, with makeup by BMPromakeup and hair styled by Adefunke. This look was a beautiful homage to South-South Nigerian traditions. The colors and accessories were spot-on, making the couple look majestic.

Third look: Igbo tradition

Image credit: Davido via Instagram

For their Igbo attire, Chioma wore a white and red corset dress with a long train and red coral beads, designed by Tubo. Davido wore a white outfit with a red wrapper across his shoulder, red coral beads on his neck, and a red cap with a feather, designed by Ugo Monye. This look was highlighted by a traditional wine-carrying ceremony that captivated guests and netizens alike. While I was initially excited to see how they would honor the Igbo culture, I must admit that this particular look felt rushed. The outfits, though rich in cultural significance, lacked the finesse and attention to detail seen in their other ensembles. Chioma’s makeup was done by BMPromakeup, with accessories by Tubo and hair styled by Adefunke.

Chioma and Davido final look


Chioma’s final look of the night was a brown mermaid dress with blue cascading material, designed by her sister, accessorised with simple drop earrings, a Rolex, and a Cartier bracelet. Davido wore a custom hand-studded black attire with a matching beaded custom hat, designed by Lucky Enemuo, and styled by Yln.

The wedding was a vibrant display of fashion and tradition, capturing the essence of Chioma and Davido’s style and cultural heritage. Each outfit showcased their elegance and the rich cultural roots which they proudly embraced. This event highlighted the couple’s commitment to blending modern sophistication with traditional beauty.


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