Chanel redefines beauty with new products from its N°1 De Chanel line

In a move towards holistic beauty, the House of Chanel introduces the N°1 DE Chanel line, a groundbreaking approach to anti-ageing products that blend efficacy, eco-consciousness, and sensory indulgence.

N°1 DE Chanel line
Image: Chanel

This move embodies Gabrielle Chanel’s vision of unity between the mind and senses, reason and sensitivity, and body and emotions. The global beauty approach includes skincare, makeup, and a fragrance mist. It offers a revolutionary path to nurturing both body and soul.

Benefiting from cutting-edge scientific research across various realms of expertise, Chanel has created a line that transcends traditional boundaries. This research also delved into camellia science, skin senescence, and formulation artistry, amongst others, to produce products worth the hype.

After a decade of collaboration with the University of Vienna, Chanel has unveiled the revitalising prowess of the red camellia flower extract in their Nº1 De Chanel line. Mademoiselle Chanel’s favourite flower, it now takes centre stage in the comprehensive beauty line of skincare, makeup, and fragrance. Also enriched with protocatechuic acid, it plays a pivotal role in preventing and correcting the signs of ageing. This is proof of the brand’s commitment to pushing boundaries in skincare.

N°1 DE Chanel revitalising mask
Image: Chanel

The Red Camellia revitalising mask

Nature’s intelligence guides Chanel’s beauty philosophy. This wisdom also inspires the Nº1 De Chanel line to harnesses the exceptional revitalising powers of the red camellia.

In 2023, Chanel expanded the N°1 De Chanel ritual with a concentrated mask. This revitalising mask features red camellia and hibiscus flower acid extracts. The gel formula gently exfoliates the skin, and promises a smoother and more refined texture.

The innovative blend of hibiscus extract and naturally derived AHAs in the mask marks a bold step for Chanel research. The mask also promotes gentle exfoliation for visibly energised, supple, and radiant skin. Additionally, there is a sensory appeal, delivered through a fresh and enveloping texture, which adds to the allure of the Red Camellia Revitalizing Mask.

N°1 DE Chanel lip balm
Image: Chanel

The N°1 De Chanel lip and cheek balm

Enriched with red camellia oil and plant wax, the N°1 De Chanel lip and cheek balm is a multi-use hydrating product. Its creamy, nourishing formula effortlessly melts onto the skin, leaving lips and cheeks plump and naturally enhanced. This winter, three exclusive shades – Vibrant Coral, Ardent Brick, and Purple Energy – join the range, to offer a spectrum of options for a radiant and personalised look.

Are you eager to experience the transformative effects of the N°1 DE CHANEL line? Shop these skincare marvels from your favourite beauty stores and directly from the Chanel website.


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