Angel Anosike on how to achieve a soft skin-like look in minutes

Less is more especially in beauty. Angel, a Youtuber and model, has her beauty technique down to essentials to survive the weather in Lagos. Confidently coming into her own as a creative, Angel prides herself in getting that soft skin-like makeup in 10 minutes.

In her episode of “My Beauty Hack”, Angel discusses how she her career as a content creator and shows us just how smooth she is when it comes to getting her makeup right in record time.

Her first experience with makeup came from her sister, fashion model Nneoma Anosike. Trying out techniques her sister learnt from the makeup artists she worked with was a solid foundation. Since then, Angel’s relationship with makeup has grown from her sharing bits of her life on Instagram since 2013 to finally making a big move 7 years later.

Deciding to act on her curiosity about beauty and lifestyle, Angel launched her Youtube channel in 2020 and has not looked back since.

“Something about the pandemic changed the way we lived, and our consumption habits”.

The most fulfilling part of your creative journey is the ability to bring her thoughts to life “Having a creative idea, the process of producing it and bringing it to life gives me so much joy.”

Angel’s Beauty Hack

Sunscreen is queen

Angel recommends using sunscreen even when it’s gloomy and rainy. Prone to acne and hyperpigmentation, she says she doesn’t joke with her sunscreen, a staple in her skincare routine.

Uncover sunscreen- MCN Beauty Hack
Uncover Sunscreen

Healthy skin first 

Clear skin is a myth, and Angel’s goal right now is to have healthy skin, and being consistent with her skincare routine is essential to getting her to that goal. 

With foundation, less is more

The NARS foundation in New Caledonia has been her go-to for three years and applying less is Angel’s tip to achieving the skin-to-foundation match you aim for with soft makeup.

NARS foundation- MCN Beauty Hack
Credit- Asos

Contour, then spray 

Angel’s trick to ensure her makeup stays in place is using Charlotte Tubery setting spray after contouring.

Charlotte Tibury setting spray- MCN Beauty HACK
Credit- Saks Fifth Avenue

Feather-soft brows

A combination of the Refy brown gel and Honey beauty liner works well to achieve a subtly-defined brows. This fills the brow in to look soft and natural.

Refy brow gel- MCN Beauty Hack
Credit- Sephora
Honey beauty brow pencil- MCN Beauty Hack
Credit- Honey Beauty

The perfect highlighter & natural lips

Angel used Fenty Beauty in Afternoon Snack and Mo Honey, then added NYX butter gloss in Brownie to complete her look. 

Fenty Highlighter
Credit- Temptalia
Lip Gloss

Angel believes in authenticity being the currency her creativity thrives on. So whenever she is able to look at a brief and create a story that best resonates the message of the brand, she feels truly satisfied.

Beauty, to her, means confidence and being secure in her skin.



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