Barbie feet and the quest for a good picture pose


Let’s hit pause on this shot. Perfection? Perfection!

Barbie may be a fictional character, actress, fashion trendsetter and the reason Ken Carson is deep in love but another thing the age-old doll is, is an influencer. She was one before the word became buzz and engulfed social media and the internet. If you need some proof, let’s talk about the “Barbie feet” or “doll feet” pose.

On Tuesday, the first official teaser of the incoming Barbie movie was released and it had the internet in a frenzy. What was all the fuss about? Margot Robbie’s feet in THAT clip – the one where she steps out of her bedazzled pink heels onto the floor. 

The first look of the signature Barbie stance of the permanent feet arch and pointed toes both reminded me of a pose I have seen before. Not once, not twice but thousands of times.

If you haven’t posed for a picture like this, you must have noticed it. Coined “Barbie feet” in 2018 by Who What Wear referencing Barbie’s actual feet without heels on. It’s often the go-to pose by women in their pictures. In this pose, one or both feet are lifted and tilted forward to imitate wearing heels (sometimes, it’s done even with heels on). 

The idea behind the pose is to accentuate the body and give the perception of length and character in the legs.

While this pose is cute and easy to do anywhere, at any time, some people find it cringe. Over on TikTok and Instagram, memes on  “how girls pose” have gone viral. If you’re not looking to flex your Barbie feet anytime soon, are completely over the popular pose or are looking for arm poses to support your feet, here are poses to steal and strike for camera.

Begin with Nyane.

I’m linking a whole page because if you head over to her Instagram, she runs a frequent series showcasing how to pose for various occasions, in various looks and for various moods and settings.

Where to look (embed videos):

Posing in flats and heels

The Chair Pose

The baggy clothes pose

Hand poses you can try

Passport posing 

Poses for the “IT GIRL”

Elegant-like posing 

For what its worth, if poses generally feel unnatural to you, it’s because they are. If you think people will comment, they will. Go ahead. If you’re glued to posing on your tippy toes with arms on waist and one shoulder tilted forward, that’s great! If you observe closely, most poses above also have that tilt up with the feet only with a twist.

Whether its Barbie’s influencer or your subconscious desire to arch your feet at the sight of a camera, the goal is to look pretty and not pressured. Find the pose that works best for you and stick with it if you please. Yet again, explore as many poses as you wish to.

Take a page from Barbie herself.

She’s often referenced, criticized and associated with being the bane of unrealistic beauty standards. But she’s confident, experimental and adaptable. Originally created as a stiff doll with only about five movable parts, a single skin colour and consistent size, she has evolved into one with many movable parts, diverse skin colours and shapes. All while staying on her toes – consider that flex your sign to post that picture in whatever pose you choose.










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