11 sexual fantasies that deserve a place on your bucket list

Looking to ignite the flames of passion with your partner? It’s time to infuse some vibrancy into your sex life. Here are 11 exhilarating sexual fantasies that deserve a place on your bucket list:

Boss-employee fantasy:

Did you know that 56% of women and 61% of men who work harbour fantasies about their coworkers? Picture this: you approach your partner, clad in a suit, sipping coffee in front of the computer. With a skirt shorter than your office attire, you tantalise them with a glimpse of what’s not on display today. In an empty office, the possibilities are endless.


Research from UCLA reveals that 64% of women fantasise about passionate and submissive encounters. Embracing the allure of giving and receiving “necessary permissions” can lead to electrifying experiences. Suddenly, the allure of Fifty Shades of Grey becomes crystal clear.

Book lover’s fantasy:

Immerse yourself in the tantalising world of literature. Whether it’s the romance of novels or the escapades of superheroes, engaging in intimate encounters with the heroes of your favourite stories opens doors to endless possibilities.


For the daring souls among us, the idea of being watched during intimate moments holds a magnetic allure. Embrace the thrill of risk-taking by leaving the curtains ajar, perhaps even leaning out the window for a tantalising encounter with voyeurism.


Indulge in the excitement of observing, whether it’s adult movies or the intimacy of strangers on a beach. Conversations with your partner can transform these fantasies into shared experiences, with boundaries set by your desires.

Mutual masturbation watching:

Switch up the dynamics of observation by inviting your partner to witness as you explore yourself. Forbidden touch heightens the anticipation, creating an intimate moment where all you have is each other’s gaze.

“Stranger” fantasy:

Embark on a journey of exploration by delving into the excitement of first-time encounters. There’s an undeniable allure in the mystery of being strangers to each other, inviting you to reimagine the boundaries of intimacy.

Recording a sex video:

Capture the visual magic of your intimacy together. According to Men’s Health research, the desire to immortalise intimate moments in film is a shared fantasy for many. Embrace the modern era’s openness to new experiences, ensuring privacy remains paramount.

A threesome?:

Explore the complexities of desire by embracing the idea of a threesome. While overcoming jealousy can be daunting, research suggests that many have successfully navigated these fantasies to fulfilment.

Having sex in public places:

Step outside the confines of the bedroom and embrace the thrill of outdoor encounters. The adrenaline rush of potential discovery adds a tantalising edge to your shared experiences.

Having outdoor sex:

Venture into the great outdoors and discover the freedom of uninhibited passion. Whether it’s the fear of being caught or the need for swift action, each moment becomes a memory to cherish.

Embrace the excitement of exploration and let your desires guide you on a journey of intimate discovery with your partner. The world is yours to explore, one fantasy at a time.

This article was syndicated from Marie Claire Argentina
Translated and adapted by Praise Vandeh, Marie Claire Nigeria Content Writer


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