These trends are set to inspire your looks from now till 2024

Get ready to embrace these trends as versatile tools for self-expression while weaving in our indigenous sensibilities. This is where global meets local to create an eclectic yet harmonious result.

Fashion is a universal language that speaks across cultures and inspires timeless looks. While trends cascade across the globe, their resonance in the Nigerian and African context is vital. Nigerian fashion enthusiasts have perfected the art of adapting these trends to our climate. This consistently showcases our ingenuity and understanding of style tailored to our environment.

Infusing the trends as seen in fashion week around the world requires a creative outlook. The inspiration breeds an artful adaptation which ensures our outfits to be both voguish and suitable for our surroundings.

With muted reservations about international trends lacking resonance with our climate, all it takes to merge the interplay of international trends with our cultural vibrancy is to simply recreate them with realistic pieces. A great example is seamlessly transforming a floral design into an Ankara pattern. Creative freedom empowers us to curate ensembles that echo our unique preferences while aligning with global aesthetics.

From the charm of classic knits, to the excitement of patchwork designs, with the 23/24 trends, you have the ability to create looks that are more than a statement, but a narrative celebrating our distinct identity, globally.

Let’s get into the trends!



Metallic tweed strapless dress, Louis Vuitton

Bustiers are a classic design that has evolved over the years. From flattering cuts to structured designs, it is definitely one to incorporate into your pieces.



Photographer Éléonore Wismes Fashion Editor Florence Deladrière

Fashion is art, and recently, the more disrupting this art is, the better the pieces. Step out of your comfort zone and get creative!



Patchwork jacket, silk dress, Dries Van Noten

From the best street styles to runways, it is indeed patchwork season. A great way to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe is to style with softer pieces like silk for a well-blended look.



Mohair and alpaca knitted sweater, cotton duchess skirt, Christian Dior

One of the most classic fashion trends, tartan always stays in style. With the most creative styling, you will always find a way to rock this.



Faux fur coat, bag, Gucci, sunglasses, Saint Laurent

Combining fluffy pieces and bold colours is a recipe for stunning looks. Don’t be afraid to rock those colours and keep warm while at it.



Cardigan and asymmetric dress in wool and cashmere, Max Mara

Knits have been in almost every fashion conversation this year. It is no surprise, however, as some of the most stylish pieces of clothing recently are knitted. You can find more of this in our holiday capsule wardrobe guide.



Double waistcoat and trousers with pleated skirt insert in wool, Fendi

There is nothing more stylishly classic than a perfectly layered outfit. With the resurgence of waistcoats and tailored pants, the best way to exude class is to layer your outfits perfectly.



Suede jacket, wool and cashmere sweater, lace and faille skirt, tulle petticoat, pumps, Prada

Androgynous looks are timeless. A flowing skirt with structured men’s blazers? Sign me up for eternity!



Shiny calfskin coat, necklace, Chanel

Pro tip- don’t be afraid to mix and match patent pieces. Keep them in the same colour palette, and have fun with it!



Long jacket and straight pants in faux snakeskin leather, Sportmax

Speaking of fun, it’s time to explore wild prints. Keep them classy and style with minimal accessories for maximum effect. 

Model: Luna Kozaczka c/o Premium Models

Make-up: Giulia Cohen c/o B-Agency

Hair: Stéphane Bodin c/o B-Agency

Fashion Assistants: Charlotte Wagner

Photographer’s Assistant: George Dragan

Digital Assistant: Chiara S. Kurtovic


  • Wumi 'Tuase

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