With a recent victory against Australia in the group stages of the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup, the Super Falcons are gaining attention as underdogs, capturing the footballing world’s eyes with their talent and determination. One standout star among them is Rasheedat Ajibade, a young and dynamic football sensation. She not only creates opportunities on the pitch and captivates fans but also serves as a beacon of hope for aspiring young girls in the sport.


The relentless forward at the 2023

Women’s World Cup

Rasheedat’s journey from the streets of Lagos to becoming a force to be reckoned with in women’s football is nothing short of extraordinary. Her remarkable career, marked by passion, dedication, and unyielding determination, has made her an inspirational figure for athletes and fans. As the Falcons strive to conquer the world’s grandest stage, Rasheedat Ajibade’s presence undoubtedly plays a pivotal role in their quest for success, as shown in the concluded match against Australia.

In women’s football, few players have captured fans’ hearts and the world’s attention quite like Rasheedat Ajibade, affectionately known as Rash. From humble beginnings on the streets of Lagos to representing Nigeria on the global stage, Rash’s passion, talent, and unwavering determination have propelled her to the pinnacle of women’s football.

“When I was growing up, women’s football was not so developed. They didn’t have so much (representation) in the media.

Rash’s love affair with football began at 13 when she joined FC Robo in 2013. The streets of Lagos provided the backdrop for her initial football experiences, where she played fearlessly alongside boys. This early exposure allowed Rash to develop her skills naturally, and she quickly stood out as a player with immense potential.


The passion for the sport was innate in Rash; she never learned how to play football but found joy in playing with the boys, showcasing her exceptional talent. Football became her escape, a way to find solace even in challenging times. As she realised that football could be a viable career, Rash set her sights on pursuing her dream professionally, despite facing resistance from some quarters.

“The environment doesn’t encourage you because they feel like you have to go to school or you have to go and help your mom in the market and do some other things. Playing football was the most important thing for me because I could do what guys were doing and felt I could do it better.”

Rash is relentless, a drive integral to the play and evident in the change in energy at the concluded match. Her background is a testament to her resilience. Rash achieved remarkable milestones before celebrating her 18th birthday representing Nigeria at the U17 World Cup in 2014, captaining the side in the 2016 edition, and featuring in the U20 Women’s World Cup, all in the same year.

In 2018, Rash was recognised for her outstanding talent and achievements when she was named NFF Young Player of the Year. The accolades did not stop there; later that year, she played a crucial role in helping Nigeria secure victory at the CAF Women’s Africa Cup of Nations, where they emerged as champions.

Rashedat Ajibade in The Bambi by Sisiano
Rash in The Bambi by Sisiano

In 2022, Rash further solidified her position as one of Africa’s finest footballers when she finished as the top goalscorer at the Women’s Africa Cup of Nations. Her performances earned her a well-deserved spot in the prestigious Team of the Tournament. These achievements underscored her status as a footballing force to be reckoned with and inspired countless young girls across Nigeria and beyond.

“I had a lot of ups and downs, but the ups and downs channelled my energy to be more and better. For me, it’s honestly a privilege, and it’s an honour for me. And I just want to keep doing what I’m doing even better and more just to keep up the consistency.”

As Rasheedat Ajibade and her Nigerian teammates vie for victory at the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup, we delve into her mindset and preparation for the biggest tournament in women’s football. Rash emphasises the importance of physical and mental fitness and the need for unity and cohesion within the team. Despite the challenges faced by the Nigerian women’s team, Rash remains optimistic about their chances and hopes to perform better than ever before on the global stage.

“I’m just hoping we can keep up the energy and do better than we have done before.”

Rashedat Ajibade in The Bambi by Sisiano
Rash in The Bambi by Sisiano

Rash’s unique style on the field extends beyond her footballing skills. Her distinctive blue hair has become an emblem of self-expression and empowerment, earning her the title of #TheGirlwiththeBlueHair. Her ultimate goal is to inspire and uplift young girls, providing them with opportunities and support she once lacked during her formative years. She aims to empower the next generation of women through her initiatives to pursue their dreams fearlessly.

“For me, it’s all about making a name for yourself because God gave you the talent, and it’s all about using your brain to make the most out of talent.”

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