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Chidera Muoka
Chidera Muoka has worked as a creative director and journalist for a range of media platforms. She has created, directed and produced integrated media campaigns for traditional and digital marketing strategies for clients in the culture, lifestyle and media industries.

She specialises in investigating and platforming a broad spectrum of stories that affect people and has directed and produced stories on gender-based violence and the rights of sex workers in Nigeria.

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Coco Anetor-Sokei - Coco Anetor-sokei 1

Cynthia Coco Antor-Sokei
Coco is the fun and quirky Features Editor at Marie Claire Nigeria. She’s been a writer and editor since 2015 and is passionate about mindful living and getting enough sleep. As a mother, Coco loves spending time with her curious, energetic daughter and exploring the world around her, searching for ways to make life more meaningful.

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AF789194-C72F-4CAE-B5DD-40F70D2B4F38 - Wumi Oguntuase

Wumi Tuase
Wumi is a media, branding and administrative professional with over a decade of valuable experience in print, broadcast digital media and public relations. With a focus on content creation, marketing, strategy and production, she has worked with a variety of brands across various industries to bring their desired visions to life.

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Mosadoluwa Akinjobi
With an insatiable curiosity and a knack for capturing the perfect shot, M. Akinjobi has honed his craft over the past 6 years, teaching himself the ways of directing, cinematography, photography, editing, and even the mystical art of colour grading. He’s like a one-man army, armed with a camera and an unwavering passion for bringing stories to life a videographer who knows his craft inside out and isn’t afraid to venture into uncharted territories. He’ll make you smile throughout the entire process as he’s like the perfect blend of technical expertise and comedic timing, the secret sauce that brings that extra sparkle to his work.

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