WhatsApp has a new sticker update, and we’re loving it!

We’ve all been through that love-hate cycle with WhatsApp updates. It’s like a rollercoaster of emotions – one moment, you’re wondering if you should give Mark Zuckerberg a virtual hug, and the next, you’re contemplating a dramatic app deletion. This time around, we’re leaning more toward the first option, and don’t worry, it’s not in a creepy way. 

With this fresh sticker update, you can unleash your creativity and give life to all those imaginative expressions bouncing around in your head. This nifty feature allows you to transform your ideas into stickers with just a tap effortlessly. So, how does it all come together? Well, thanks to the AI technology from Meta, all you’ve got to do is type in a prompt, and voila! The AI tech works magic, turning your ideas into vibrant, animated stickers that truly reflect your unique style.

Here are a few prompts we’ve played around with since the WhatsApp update dropped

A cute cat with a thought bubble filled with emojis

A happy sun wearing sunglasses and smiling.

The feeling of ‘Friday Vibes’ using vibrant colours.

A pixel art-style rocket ship blasting off into space.

Nigerian woman eating noodles (because why not?)

Obviously, there’s  lot of learning still happening with this new feature, but its cute and we’re more than happy to keep playingwith it. There is no doubt this latest update will spice your conversations and level up your witty game. So, are you ready to dive in and give this new update a try?


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