This 10 minute makeup routine is about to become your summer staple


Who wants to spend so much time on makeup this summer? Not me! Especially if you’re on a trip full of activities and summer type fun. The year is 2024 and we’re stepping out with glowing skin and simple makeup that will enhance your stunning features. We teamed up with makeup creator, Aebeku for a simple 10-minute makeup routine that you can do quickly before heading out. 

Makeup is where you have fun and play around with your creativity. At the end of the day, it should express your most confident self and not stem from a place of insecurities- hyperpigmentation along with any skin woes you may be experiencing now is normal. Here you will learn how to enhance your favorite features and the ones you are still learning to love. So are you ready to have fun with your makeup?

Check out your new summer 10-minute makeup routine


Start with protected and moisturized skin for a glowing base that will hold onto your product well enough. Remember it’s summer so ‘less is more’ may apply to your makeup products but not your sunscreen. Make sure you tuck in a powder or spray-on sunscreen for extra protection throughout the day. 

Image: The Zoe Report via Pinterest

Soap Brow: 

This one is your best friend to tame and sculpt those brow hairs. Depending on the state of your brows, you may want to trim off extra hairs – for fuller brows or lightly fill in with a pencil – for scantier brows. 

Image: Zolando via Pinterest


Lightly sculpt your face with a fluffy and dense brush for a precise application. You won’t regret this step. Nothing says ‘bronzed goddess’ like a little contour!

Image: Milk Makeup via Pinterest

Concealer Skin shade and lighter:

It’s a no-foundation summer but concealer will help even out your skin tone. So using a shade close or even matching your skintone, you can spot cover and blend over spots you will love to even out. Use a lighter concealer under your eyes for extra brightness.

Liquid blush: 

Liquid blush and perfect contour? What’s not to love? No matter what colour of blush you choose, you will love the outcome. 

Image: Poshmark via Pinterest

Setting powder: 

Set it all in place with a light layer of setting powder. It’s not too much product so you don’t need the setting spray but feel free to include that if it makes you feel more confident. 

Image: Shop Miss A via Pinterest

Eyeshadow and Eyeliner: 

This is totally optional but it’s a great way to add an extra pop of colour to your look. Dust over your lids lightly with any color you like or even put some eyeliner in your tightline for a little extra drama. 

Finishing Powder: 

Your compact powder will tie in this look perfectly. It also belongs in your purse for a nice touch up during the day. 

Image: via Pinterest

Powdered blush:

 A very optional but fun step, if you want an intense blush, don’t skip this step! 

Image: cosmeticsforu via pinterest

Lip liner and lip gloss:

It’s actually difficult to miss this combo. But just in case we made a quick guide, full with recommendations just for you! 


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