Slingbacks are making a stylish comeback

Some believe that slingbacks are out of style, and indeed, we haven’t seen them on the runway since the late ‘90s. However, they’re back and are currently one of the hottest trends. Their retro and nostalgic aesthetic is perfect for adding a touch of sophisticated elegance to any woman’s wardrobe.

What makes slingbacks unique?

Slingbacks stand out with their signature strap behind the ankle, open heel, and a micro heel that elongates the figure without being over the top.

Who believed in their comeback?

Karl Lagerfeld was the first to champion the slingback revival. In 2015, he brought back the two-tone shoe originally designed by Gabrielle Chanel in the late ‘50s, updating it with a contemporary squared heel. The beige colour elongates the leg while the black tip visually shortens the foot, creating a perfect balance for a chic silhouette. This optical illusion, crafted by Chanel, quickly became a bestseller.

A few years later, Maria Grazia Chiuri of Dior also revisited this iconic shoe. She designed a very thin, slightly curved small heel and delicate straps, emblazoned with Dior’s motto, J’adior. This model also achieved brilliant success, combining elegance with much-needed comfort.

Luxury brands and more affordable labels soon followed suit, creating various slingback models and reviving this once-forgotten trend. Today, slingbacks are ubiquitous on the runway, making them a must-have in your shoe collection.

Augusta Leather Slingback Pumps via

How to wear this season’s must-have shoes

Slingbacks are truly a wardrobe staple. Their elegance makes them perfect for special occasions, like ceremonies and grand events. However, you can effortlessly pair slingbacks with jeans and a white cotton t-shirt, transforming a simple look into something chic and sophisticated.

Whether it’s denim or cotton, what matters is choosing the right model based on what makes you feel comfortable. Some styles, like mom-fit jeans, seem made to complement slingbacks perfectly. This ‘90s throwback is popular because it flatters everyone.

Other great options include flare and slim jeans, as well as culotte pants. These styles, cut at the ankle, showcase the shoes as the outfit’s highlight. For skirts, a midi skirt or dress paired with slingbacks creates a vintage-inspired look full of charm.

The most beautiful slingback models of 2024

Classic slingbacks have a low, typically thin heel. However, one of the hottest trends now is the wide-heel version. This modern twist makes the shoe perfect for glamorous outfits while enhancing comfort, ideal for walking or standing for long periods.

Take the Augusta Aeyde model, for example, with its wide, squared heel. This refined two-tone shoe in cream and black features a trendy square toe. Made entirely of leather, it offers supreme comfort and softness. Neutral tones like white, beige, various shades of brown, and black are versatile choices that pair effortlessly with any look.

This year, metallic silver is also in vogue. Designers suggest using it to enhance daytime looks, not just evening wear. Dark red shades, almost burgundy, and light dusty blue models, along with denim versions often adorned with sparkling details, add elegance and sophistication to your wardrobe.


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