These sex positions make women climax the most and men last longer

Is sex with your significant other always the same? In addition to the traditional male-on-female position, please learn these other sex positions as well!

Body Position

Books like “1001 Postures” may overwhelm you, distract you, or make you feel like you know too little because there are some postures you’ve never heard of. Remember, the biggest deciding factor in which position to use is your and your partner’s preferences.

Be aware that most of the positions in porn videos are very uncomfortable for women. I have a male friend who says he watches videos to evaluate his performance. I told him these performances were scripted, staged, dubbed, and edited. He was shocked, and he was a TV producer!

Men and women usually use two to three positions every time they have sex, switching from one position to another before the end, regardless of whether the climax is accompanied by the end. But if you like the traditional male-on-female position, there’s nothing wrong with that. Most importantly, use comfortable and effective positions that both parties enjoy.

Although I encourage you to try various variations during sex, the goal is to break through your limitations and find ultimate pleasure.

“I once told a friend there are only six sexual intercourse positions, and he said, “That’s weird, not six, but one: the entry position.”

Basically, there are only six positions, and the others are just variations of these themes: man on top, woman on top, sideways, doggy style, standing, sitting and kneeling.

Male on top

The male on top position means that the man is on top during sexual intercourse. This is the most common position and the one that men and women generally enjoy the most. There is such a preference because this position can bring the two people closer, and they can see their expressions and look directly into their eyes. Men will also feel more comfortable touching her body, enhancing their connection.

The so-called missionary position came from the South Pacific natives who saw missionaries adopting this position. Aboriginal people feel that the male-on-top position is different because they mostly use the female-on-top position, the standing position and the doggy-style position (according to Kinsey’s survey, descendants of Europeans mostly regard the missionary position as the traditional standard).

In this position, the woman lies on her back, and the man lies on top of her or slightly to the side. Men like this position because they can control the depth of penetration, and speed of penetration depending on how close they are to orgasm. Women like this position because, compared with other positions, they can have more body contact. Other positions may be more exciting, but this position is the most romantic. This position makes it easier to kiss and hug, and many women also feel protected and safe.

This position is also suitable for intercourse combination techniques. When taking position A, pay attention to some changes in the position of the feet, so that your feet can fix her feet, which will help the sexual intercourse combination skills. With your hips touching, your pubic area is in constant contact with her clitoral and vulva areas, so you can penetrate deeply without interrupting stimulation or connection. She can help by holding your hips tightly. If a man can keep moving, this position is good, but without the support of his knees and feet, it will be hard. Look at the feet in the illustration. Her feet are close together, about a foot wide, and turned out, with her toes facing the edge of the bed.

Someone once explained that if a woman’s feet and legs were positioned this way, a man could use her contracted feet to steady himself. This is perfect for continuing the tight pelvic thrusts of the intercourse combo. This position is also great for women who need muscle tone to enjoy orgasm. A tall man can use his feet against a wall or bed riser to stabilise himself.

I call the following position changes “better than sex” and are suitable for people who like to exercise. This position maintains full contact between the bodies, increases the pressure and tension on the pelvis, and allows the man to use his feet as a fulcrum to penetrate more closely. Here is a detailed explanation:

  • Step 1: The man enters the woman’s body, his legs are outside, squeezing her legs.
  • Step 2: He bent his knees and hooked his ankles under the woman’s legs.
  • Step 3: He lifts her legs while gently lifting her legs, increasing the pressure between her pelvis and clitoris while maintaining warm, full-body contact.
sex positions
Image – How to Make Her Desire

When using position B, the woman’s buttocks rests on the pillow. Think of a pillow as the perfect sex toy, placed under your buttocks to increase the angle of your vaginal entrance. The pillow can help her back relax, making it easier for the man to thrust violently while staying inside her.

When using a pillow, there is less chance of bodily fluids spilling out, and the penis is less likely to slip out. Wrapping a woman’s legs around a man’s hips also allows her to control the movement, making the opening more suitable for a man to enter. I shouldn’t need to point out that this position also makes it easier for two people to kiss, right?

When using position C, the man’s back is arched, which is great news for women who like the front wall of the vagina and G-spot stimulated but find the backward position uncomfortable. However, men with back problems should not use this position, while those with tight abdomens can use this position to show off their muscles.

“Any exercise, including sex, can stop an oncoming headache.”

Female on top

Many women like to take the female-on-top position to control the penetration and speed because it is actually the woman herself who is thrusting. This position is also suitable for women taller or shorter than you. When using the female-on-top position A, the posture is the same as the male-on-top position A, except that the roles are reversed. She uses the man’s feet to stabilise herself so that the swing between the clitoris and pelvis can be closer, and because her legs are on the outside, she can increase the exposure to the vulva and clitoral area by squeezing her legs pressure.

sex positions
Image – How to Make Her Desire

When using the woman-on-top position, the woman often straddles the man so that her weight is evenly distributed between the knees. This benefit applies whether she is facing you or with her back to you (Position C). Another variation of this position is for her to lie on top of you with her legs on either side (Position B). The woman-on-girl position requires more physical movement on the part of the woman, and some say it requires strong calf muscles. Men enjoy this position because it allows them to appreciate the woman’s body. You are like the captain of the ship. Men like to watch a woman’s breasts move up and down with every thrust and watch the way her hair hangs down and slaps against his chest or face.

One magazine editor recalled: “When I was fourteen, I saw a pornographic video in which a woman in a long skirt was sitting on top of a man, and I knew immediately that this would be my favourite position. When my wife sits on top of me, I have to work hard not to get so excited that I immediately become disarmed.”

Generally speaking, women find the various changes in positions exciting because they can control the movements and depth of penetration. It can also be said that they feel in charge of everything. On the other hand, some women don’t like this position because their body is completely exposed. If you think your partner might be uncomfortable, reassure her that you like her body and encourage her to adopt positions that make her feel comfortable. Sometimes, a woman feels more comfortable wearing a nice bra or sexy one-piece when she’s on top.

“No matter how attractive a woman is to you, you should never say you like her body until you’ve slept together. She’ll just assume it was a ploy to lure her into bed. Save the comment for later, and the results will be amazing.”

Tips for men
If you want to increase a woman’s chances of climaxing during sex or synchronise her chances of climaxing, then stimulate her clitoris and wait until she is about to climax, then switch to the woman’s upper position. If you keep thrusting, there’s a good chance she’ll orgasm while you’re still inside her (position C, face toward you).

She can stimulate the G-spot on the front wall of the vagina. If you like her butt, you can also play with it.

From a biological point of view, men must reach orgasm for the human species to continue, but women do not necessarily have to reach orgasm to be fertilised. However, studies have reported that if a woman climaxes during intercourse, she can increase her chances of fertilisation.

Apparently, during orgasm, the cervix regularly absorbs semen ejaculated at the end of the vagina. In certain eras of history, orgasm was considered necessary for female fertilisation. Maybe our ancestors and nature knew more than we thought!

Position B is only applicable when a man’s erection can be maintained at a certain curvature. Younger men whose penis is close to their abdomen are not suitable for this position. This position is great for men and women who enjoy anal play. If she leans forward and puts her breasts on the man’s lap, the man can play with her anus and perineal area, making the woman happy.


When using this position, men and women lie on both sides with their legs intertwined like scissors. You can be face to face with her, or behind her back. The advantage of the side position is that most men can thrust for a long time without climaxing quickly. This allows partners to maintain close contact for a longer period. And because the degree of penetration in this position is lighter, if the man’s penis is too large, using this position will make the woman more comfortable. Just like the man in a top position, kissing and hugging are almost guaranteed to occur.

Position A is really like a scissor; all you have to do is lift her thighs and let her lie on the bed. This new position allows you to tease her clitoris and breasts with your hands. When using this X-shaped position, your hands can be held together to facilitate the thrusting of the pelvis.

sex positions
Image – How to Make Her Desire

When using position B, the woman’s legs wrap around the man tightly, and she can be as close to the man as she likes when he moves.
Position C makes it easier for men to move their hands and tease a woman’s entire body. Perhaps the biggest advantage of having sex in the side position is that after the sex is over, both men and women can comfortably fall asleep in each other’s arms.

There is a variation of position C, which is also suitable for people who exercise regularly.The steps are as follows:

  • Step 1: The man enters the woman from behind. She moves her thighs up, towards or between her breasts.
  • Step 2: Maintain the entry movement. The man adjusts from the original position behind her to leaning on her buttocks so that his weight is distributed between her buttocks and his knees. Because the hands are not used to support the body, the man can use his hands to provide more sensory stimulation from behind.
  • Step 3: Assuming she leans to her left side, the man can insert his left little finger into her anus (just insert it slightly, and the initial movement should be gentle). You can also gently insert your right thumb into her vagina to increase the thickness, and use your right index finger to stimulate her clitoris.

Tips for men
When you’re behind her, you can stimulate her clitoris. The side position from behind is great for a pregnant woman because her belly is supported, and the man can caress her breasts, assuming your woman likes this position.

Doggy style (doggy style)

Many women consider doggy style to be their wildest sex position. Men also find this position very energising. The reason why women like this position is that besides being able to penetrate deeply, they also feel like they are being conquered. Some women also like men to grab their buttocks and thrust quickly, which is very dynamic. Likewise, if a woman prefers a slower pace, a man can control how fast he thrusts.

If a woman who has given birth takes this position, her G-spot will be more stimulated. Because their vaginas are more elastic, the G-spot is easier for the penis to contact.

sex positions
Image – How to Make Her Desire

When using the doggy position, a woman can lie flat on her belly to make the vaginal opening tighter and give her a feeling of being conquered (C). Other options include: woman on all fours (A), woman standing and bending over, woman lying on her side with her back to her lover. The man enters the vagina from the back of the woman rather than from the front. This position is called the doggy position. Men often say that this position makes them feel hotter because their thighs touch a woman’s crotch and buttocks (backdoor sex, by the way, refers to anal sex).

When using position A, a man can kiss a woman’s back. The pillow can also be placed under her breasts, which is convenient. Position B allows the man to contact her entire body. She can feel his passion and relax and enjoy all sensory stimulation. She can also put her feet down to facilitate thrusting movements.

“Position B is very suitable for use at the beach. Just move your bikini bottoms to the side, and you’re good to go.”

Tips for men
The only disadvantage of the doggy style position is that it is too stimulating, so men will reach climax faster than other positions.

If a woman’s uterus is tilted or a man’s penis is too large, this position can be uncomfortable because the penis may hit the cervix.

You can also use your hands to stimulate her while entering her.

“A male dentist told me, “This position is much sexier. I like the animality.”

Standing position

Unless the man is particularly strong, for the sake of balance, the woman should stand against the wall, and the man should stand in front of the woman when using this position. Showers and swimming pools are not ideal locations for this position, mainly because the natural lubricating secretions are often washed away by the water, making penetration more difficult.

The standing position works best if the woman is lying down. You’ll be using your body’s strongest muscles, your glutes and thighs. Other positions may be better for longer romantic sex, but this position has many benefits for people who want to have hot sex quickly and get regular exercise. If you are in a hurry, the advantage of this position is that you don’t have to take off all your clothes, and the space required is not too large.

Position A changes slightly, with the woman lying on the table. As you enter her, hold her hips and let her ankles rest on your shoulders so that her hips and open vulva meet yours. Men feel that this position provides visual and olfactory enjoymen. As opposed to doggy style, her back should be in a straight line, which is easier to do if she puts her ankles on your shoulders. Why is this position so useful? Because your penis can hit her G-spot, and she can also rub her clitoris with her hand.

sex positions
Image – How to Make Her Desire

When using position B, the man can have a full view of the woman’s erogenous zone and can go as deep as possible. A woman can control a man’s penetration by contracting her thighs. The thigh muscle is the largest in the human body. A variation of this position is to open the woman’s knees and place them on her sides.

I call position C the “from behind in the garden” position. This is perfect for a quick shot! One man commented: “She has a mirror on the door next to the hallway. I like to see her breasts swaying through the mirror during sex. It’s really awesome!”

Tips for men
If you’re standing, make sure your knees are slightly bent, and you’re leaning comfortably against a stable wall. I have heard of cases where men fell down at inappropriate moments while using this position.

If a woman wants to wrap her feet around your neck, wait and make sure she takes off her high heels first. Someone once accidentally seriously injured a calf muscle.

Sitting and kneeling positions

The sitting and kneeling positions are just variations of the side position, and the face-to-face position. Many people like the sitting and kneeling position because it feels fresh and allows them to take a break from their routine. Except for the position where the woman sits on the man, this position involves less movement but provides face-to-face contact and greater body-to-body contact.

Position A and Position B give the dining chair a new meaning. When using position A, the woman should hold onto the chair to balance herself, otherwise, she may fall off the chair when you thrust. This position allows the woman’s hips to have the greatest range of motion when the man is standing.

sex positions
Image – How to Make Her Desire

When using position C, the man’s thighs support the back of the woman’s legs, and a pillow is placed under her buttocks to make her at a suitable height for the penetration of the penis. At the same time, you hold her hips and bring her as close to you as possible. Your thrusting movements will make her breasts sway, which is often a feast for the eyes.

You can vary it slightly by placing the backs of her knees in the crooks of your elbows like you’re lifting a barbell. You use your whole arm to lift the barbell. Not only can she see the results of your hard work in the gym, but you can also feel the stimulation of the glans in her body, and her G-spot is also stimulated at the same time.

Tips for men

She can sit astride you, or sit on your lap with her face in the same direction as yours, or she can sit on your lap but face to the side.

It can be easily converted from the woman-on-top position to the sitting and kneeling position; as long as the woman stretches her feet forward, the man can sit up.

If two people want to have quick sex, or if the woman is pregnant, they can sit on the chair.

Sexual traffic rules

If you experience a burning sensation during intercourse, check to see if you need more lubrication, or if you accidentally used a lube that contains nonoxynol-9. If neither of the above is true, it’s best to see your doctor to see if you have an infection or sexually transmitted disease. It could also be that she has an allergic reaction to your semen.

If your partner complains of pain during intercourse, it may be because your penis is hitting her cervix or uterus; try changing positions. It could also be that you hurt her episiotomy wound or an STD may also cause pain.

No matter how often you practice, or how many sexual positions and skills you have, remember: the biggest determinant of sexual satisfaction is that you don’t suppress your desire to be with her.

Best posture during pregnancy

Nature nurtures humans and never wants humans to stop sexual activities during pregnancy. Some women have their best sex experiences during pregnancy; some women don’t want to have sex at all once they’re pregnant. The conclusion is: to ask her how she feels.

One woman said: “I really miss the sex during pregnancy when it was easy to reach orgasm. Now that it has been ten months since the birth, it is much more difficult to reach orgasm.”

On the other hand, some women feel that they have sex in the morning because of morning sickness. Sometimes vomiting or feeling unwell, and do not want men to enter their body. Again, everything depends on her decision. Generally speaking, in the early stages of pregnancy, there is no problem in either the man-on-top or woman-on-top position, but as a woman’s belly grows, these positions will become more and more difficult.

Later in pregnancy, side (position A and position C) and sitting and kneeling (position A and position B) are good choices. In this way, even though you are not on top, you can still be closely integrated. Side position (C) The common spoon-shaped position works well because her belly is supported, and deep penetration is less likely. In the very late stages of pregnancy, some people prefer to sit sideways or face each other, depending on the size of the woman’s belly.

“How to Make Her Desire”

Author: Lou Paget

Original author: Lou Paget

Translator: Xu Yiwei

Publisher: Morning Star


This article was syndicated from Marie Claire Taiwan


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