Only real geniuses figure out which hole the key fits into

The puzzle below may not seem so complicated at first glance, but the solution can only be found with exceptionally high intelligence.

  • This tricky brain teaser, our logic is primarily being tested–with a visual type of puzzle, to be exact.
  • Our task is to find the lock that matches the key, which is far from simple as one might think.
  • Exceptional logic and exceptionally high intelligence are required for a correct solution, which is why only a small percentage of people succeed.

It’s not without reason that classic intelligence tests often include visual-based puzzles: in such cases, we need to use not only our spatial vision but also our logical abilities. We must imagine the spatial projection of certain shapes while inferring potential unseen perspectives. How we tackle such tasks can provide a good indication of our cognitive abilities–and this brain teaser is no exception.

Which lock does the key fit into?

At first glance, the task in this tricky brain teaser doesn’t seem too difficult: we need to find which lock the key fits. All we have to do is carefully observe and spatially visualise the shape of the key head to find the matching opening. However, be cautious, as the answer is not as straightforward as one might initially think.

It’s no coincidence that only a small percentage of people manage to solve this online brain teaser.

Are you among the geniuses? We present the image, and let the mental workout begin!

Image via Marie Claire Hungary

Did you find the correct lock? If you’d like to check your solution or see the answer, scroll down!

Solving the puzzle is significantly complicated because while we see the key in a horizontal position, the brain teaser creator presents the locks in a vertical direction. This is precisely the essence of the task: mentally attempting to rotate the key. Doing so quickly clarifies which lock it could fit into.

Image via Marie Claire Hungary

Although there are many similar shapes in the image, the correct solution is unmistakably the lock marked with the letter “G”–just take a look at the image below, and you’ll no longer have any doubts.

Source: BrightSide

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