Your brain works just fine if you figure out what’s wrong with this picture


We can test our intelligence and observation skills with this tricky puzzle. Can we find the mistake in the picture of the couple having dinner in 10 seconds?

  • The mistake in the picture is so obvious that it’s almost impossible to miss it immediately.
  • We only have 10 seconds to figure out the solution to this lightning puzzle.
  • We need to use the creative side of our brain to find the error in the puzzle.

Puzzles provide a great opportunity to take a break from tasks and give our brains a little workout. By doing so, we unleash our creativity, and when we return to the task, new and better ideas might come to us.

In this lightning puzzle, we see a couple in love enjoying their romantic dinner. The question is, what is wrong with this seemingly perfect picture? For keen observers, 10 seconds is enough to find the solution.

Image via Marie Claire Hungary

What’s the mistake in the puzzle?

Lightning puzzles are very exciting. In this case, we only have a few moments to find the solution. A woman and a man are having dinner at the same table. However, something is off. We need to find this mistake. How much time do we need?

Finding the solution to the puzzle is not as easy as we might initially think. The mistake in the picture is so significant that it’s almost impossible to spot it right away. No wonder only 2% of those who try manage to figure out what’s wrong with the puzzle within the 10-second limit.

How long did it take us to find the solution to the puzzle?

The mistake is not small at all, which is why we don’t suspect it. It’s good to examine the picture very carefully before making a guess. We’ll give you a hint: focus on the man and his dinner. If you still can’t figure out the solution, we’ll show you below.

Image via Marie Claire Hungary

Source: Brightside

This article was syndicated from Marie Claire Hungary


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