Empowerment and elegance unite at our Power Brunch in ALARA Lagos

MCN Power Brunch 2024

Marie Claire Nigeria recently lit up the vibrant heart of Victoria Island with a Power Brunch event at ALARA Lagos, a nexus of fashion, luxury, and lifestyle. This exclusive affair, themed “The Diverse Inclusion,” brought together influential voices from various spheres to engage in meaningful dialogue about empowerment and the rich tapestry of women’s roles in today’s society.

Held at the illustrious ALARA Lagos, crafted by the visionary Reni Folawiyo, the venue echoed the event’s core message of unity and understanding. The brunch served as a melting pot of ideas, where thought leaders and experts shared their insights, stories, and the wisdom they’ve garnered through their journeys.

The discussions spanned a wide array of pertinent topics. Lucy of Weizdhurm Franklyn led a compelling conversation on inclusivity in African fashion. Dupe Talabi of Tasala HQ shed light on the beauty industry’s pressing issues, while Isioma Osaje provided a deep dive into gender dynamics within Nigeria’s film sector. The event also covered the unique challenges faced by female musicians, dissected by Titilope Adesanya, and offered strategic insights into career and personal branding by Bukky George Taylor and Gbemi Olateru Olagbegi, who navigated the evolving media terrain.

Attendees were immersed in discussions that ranged from tackling unequal pay and harassment in the workplace to strategizing for global business expansion and securing funding. The brunch became a platform for engaging queries about personal and business branding, overcoming workplace challenges, and crafting effective business strategies.

A standout moment was the impactful address by Lady Maiden Alex-Ibru, Guardian Nigeria’s Chairman and Publisher. She emphasized the importance of resilience, innovation, and community for women aiming to ascend in the global business arena, offering a roadmap not just to navigate but also to redefine the business landscape.

The unveiling of Mo Abudu, CEO of EbonyLife Group, as the cover star of our inaugural Power Issue was a highlight. Mo Abudu symbolizes the pinnacle of empowerment and leadership that Marie Claire Nigeria stands for. This issue, brimming with exclusive insights and stories of triumphant journeys, is a beacon for readers seeking inspiration and empowerment.

At Marie Claire Nigeria, our mission is to illuminate the untold stories of women, providing a platform that traditional media may overlook. The Power Brunch event and featuring the iconic Mo Abudu are testaments to our commitment to empowering narratives, and we are eager to unfold more of these stories.

Our event was graciously supported by esteemed partners such as Kinky Apothecary, ALARA, Beefeater, GH Mumm, Beauty by AD, and Amstel Malta, whose contributions were instrumental to our success.

For those drawn to empowerment, leadership, and stories of triumph, our Power Issue is a treasure trove of inspiration. Visit us at www.marieclaire.ng to dive into a world where women’s achievements light the way for future success.


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